De-Solv-it A Perfect Grease Remover In Your Garage

Non-flammable and fast acting multipurpose cleaning solution for removing grease and oil stains

De-Solv-It Cleaning Crayons and Paint Stains

Made with 100% natural citrus base, De-Solv-it multipurpose cleaning solution has no toxic fumes. It is safe to use around children and on home renovation projects to clean up any messy situation.

De-Solv-it Cleaning Tough Stains Off Clothes

Did you know De-Solv-it Multipurpose Cleaner works on tough stains on clothes as well? To remove oil, grease, makeup stains, slime or gum residue, simply spray, leave on for a few minutes and wash normally. Always read the laundering instructions on your garments before attempting any stain treatment.

Using De-Solv-it in the kitchen

De-Solv-it Multipurpose Cleaner is Australia HACCP approved to be safe and non-toxic to use in food preparation environment. Spray De-Solv-it on your range hood filter, oven trays or kitchen bench top and watch how De-Solv-it works its magic.

De-Solv-It Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub Cleaning Off Grease From Hands

The De-Solv-it Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub is very effective in removing tough grease, oils, grime, tar, paint, sealants, printers’ ink, soil and other tough stains from hands and yet leaves the hands feeling soft and moisturised.

De-Solv-It Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub Cleaning Off The World's Strongest Sealant!

Watch a demonstration of De-Solv-it Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub's cleaning power on T-Rex Power Fast Grab (touted to be the world's strongest sealant). The T-Rex Power Fast Grab has been marketed as a high strength sealant / adhesive that can hold 320kg’s per 10cm2 with a 1 second immediate grab. Due to the fast curing and strong adhesive nature of the product, it is very difficult to clean off the hands once it is set and cured on the skin. This video demonstrates how the De-Solv-it Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub dissolves the T-Rex Power Fast Grab sealant and effectively cleans the hands easily.


Biodegradable and eco-friendly


100% naturally derived actives


Australian Made and Owned